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They deliberately did this to hide from the profane people the powers that are in the inner consciousness because they didn't want literal people getting a hold of these mysteries and using them for their own good. I mean, do you want to spend your life going listening to preachers? Do you want to spend your life reading the Bible, half of which you can't relate to anyhow, three-quarters of which you can't relate to? Or do you want to now spend your life being a participant in God's universe and touching him within you? That's the difference. The book of Revelation is about your body. The two witnesses that are spoken of in the book of Revelation are the pineal gland in your brain and the pituitary gland, the master gland in your brain. Did you know that? And that all of the fighting that goes on and all of the different nations and the rivers and the seas all deal with the endocrine system of your body and that which is the upheaval in your body. And God, through Revelation and the hidden mysteries of the East, is giving you directions on how you can put all of this together and how you can get your body and your mind in harmony. The Bible was not written by people from Pittsburgh. The Bible was written by the ancient Eastern people and they knew numerology. They dwelled in the numbers of the zodiac. They dwelled in all various numbers that had meanings. Let me give you a quick rundown so you get an idea of what I'm talking about, hidden meanings. The number one means God, the logos. The number two means body and soul, you and God. The number three means new life, resurrection, a new beginning. Jesus was in the tomb, three days. Jonah was in the well, three days. The number four means your fourfold nature, physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional. The number five means mediation. It also means sacrifice. I'm going to show you that a little later. The number six means doctrines, laws, religion. The number seven means divine intervention. Joshua walked around Jericho how many times? Seven. And the walls came tumbling down. Seven means divine intervention. There are seven nerve centers, there are seven chakras that rise from the base of the spine to the top, which are the seven levels which a person walks in order to find that which is the pineal or enlightenment. It's all part of the Bible. It's all part of the ancient wisdom which is covered up in numbers.
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