The Atheist Experience 27.14 with Johnny P. Angel and Christy Powell

00:00 Intro
04:06 Emmanuel-GA | Coming Out As An Atheist To Parents
28:38 Wesley-WV | You Hosts Are Witches
32:24 Mr. Warlight-AK | Proof That Leprechauns Exist
46:17 Carpe Diem-CO | Distinction Between Virtue And Obligation
1:01:49 Rick-(CA) | Atheists Are Slowing Scientific Progress
1:16:39 Chuck-HI | Science Is Just Another Religion
1:31:56 Sam-NY | Evidence Of Resurrection

In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Johnny Angel and Christy Powell will work both sincere calls and trolls.

First caller is Emmanuel from GA who asks how to come out as an atheist to his parents. It is about setting healthy boundaries. Do you feel like you have to do this? Are the interactions filled with tension? Sharing this part of yourself could make the tensions worse, however, some transparency can be an important step. Make sure your parents know it is about your own beliefs, and not them.

Wesley in WV thinks that the hosts witches because they do not believe in angels and are sluggish with the holy spirit. We hope that you get the care that you need and are surrounded by loved ones that will help you work out your thoughts on this subject.

Mr. Warlight in AK has proof in the form of stories that leprechauns exist that wear green suits and hide gold. Where are you getting this folklore from? Is there any evidence beyond the story? Where are they documented to show up and why can’t we see them today? If you aspire to be a troll, bring a better game than this. Do some research.

Carpe Diem in CO wants to know the distinction between obligation and virtue. If you can do better, then you must do better. If every virtue is imperative then we would wear ourselves out by spending all our time performing virtuous acts. Is there good and evil in the world, or can we step away from these words and look through the eyes of preference?

Rick in Canada states that atheists are slowing scientific progress. How do you think scientists do their job? Do you think that a scientist sits at their desk and disproves a theory? Did you examine all the evolution? Examine your sources on some of your data points and recognize there are many tiny contributions to this thing we call science.

Chuck in HI believes science is just another religion that says there is no god. Science is the opposite of religion. Science starts with observation; religion starts with the conclusion and works backward. Science is evolving and religion is holding people back. Science delivers the goods and religion causes us to kill each other.

Sam in NY has evidence of Jesus performing miracles and resurrecting. Who are the witnesses? There are statements such as the writings of Paul that are not allowed into evidence because they do not meet the hearsay exceptions. Why do we drop the standard of evidence for how we spend eternity? Just because we don’t know something, does not mean there was a supernatural cause. You don’t solve a mystery with a greater mystery. Is there anything you could not believe based on faith?

Thank you everyone for tuning in folks! The question of the week is: What is a life hack that god does not want you to know about?


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