ONE OF US still has our picture taped up on the dash.
ONE OF US took that one I photoshopped - threw it in the trash.
ONE OF US don't even notice when the radio plays that song.
ONE OF US breaks down and has to pull over whenever it comes on.

ONE OF US moved on, ONE OF US got stuck.
ONE OF US is drinkin' just for fun, ONE OF US drinkin' to get drunk.
ONE OF US sleeps good, and ONE OF US hates to face the night.
Just depends if you're talkin' about her world or mine...

There's a number on a phone that ONE OF US erased.
There's a "late-night can we try again?" call ONE OF US wants to make.
'Cause ONE OF US can't even think about bein' in another's arms.
And there's a car in the drive that stayed all night, where ONE OF US used to park.

For a while we had forever in our hands.
That's why ONE OF US can't understand,
How ONE OF US moved on, ONE OF US got stuck. more