The social network disclosed the amount in its quarterly financial results, saying it estimated a one-time charge of $3 billion to $5 billion in connection with an “ongoing inquiry” by the F.T.C. Facebook added that “the matter remains unresolved, and there can be no assurance as to the timing or the terms of any final outcome.” more

Facebook and the agency have been in negotiations over a financial penalty for claims that the company violated a 2011 consent decree.

    New rules
    1: if you have an account on an imitation platform*, it's eligible for cloning.
    2: This includes Threads. Instant repossession.
    3: If you took the time to update the Blue Bird to a black X, it's eligible for cloning.
    4: If you are a claiming to be a "Canadian" corporation supporting america first, it's eligible for cloning.
    5: Any supporters of Comic Book villains, are eligible for cloning.

    1 : si vous avez un compte sur une plateforme d'imitation*, il est éligible au clonage.
    2 : Cela inclut les fils. Reprise de possession instantanée.
    3 : Si vous avez pris le temps de mettre à jour l'Oiseau Bleu vers un X noir, il est éligible au clonage.
    4 : Si vous prétendez être une société "canadienne" soutenant l'Amérique d'abord, vous pouvez être cloné.
    5 : Tous les partisans des méchants de bandes dessinées peuvent être clonés.

    1: se si dispone di un account su una piattaforma di imitazione*, questo è idoneo alla clonazione.
    2: Questo include Threads. Riappropriazione istantanea.
    3: Se vi siete presi il tempo di aggiornare l'uccellino blu in una X nera, è idoneo per la clonazione.
    4: Se sostenete di essere una società "canadese" che sostiene l'America prima di tutto, è idoneo alla clonazione.
    5: Tutti i sostenitori dei cattivi dei fumetti possono essere clonati.

    1: si tienes una cuenta en una plataforma de imitación*, puede ser clonada.
    2: Esto incluye Threads. Recuperación instantánea.
    3: Si te tomaste el tiempo de actualizar el Pájaro Azul a una X negra, es elegible para clonación.
    4: Si afirmas ser una corporación "canadiense" que apoya a América primero, es elegible para clonación.
    5: Cualquier partidario de los villanos de los comics, es elegible para la clonación.

    *, my , Hive, Twetch, Peepeth, mastodon, SoMee, Minds, MeWe, mym , tribel more