20th procedure under anesthesia in the last 10yrs, hard to believe right?! Let me say strait out with no sugar coating toxic positivity that chronic diseases/pain are a bitch. If you are fighting for your life from a condition please know you are a FUCKING BADASS WARRIOR. As the phoenix rises from the ashes & the lotus blooms from the mud, know that we too are being reborn stronger, blooming more beautiful & living-thriving with EMPOWERMENT!

I’m unable to share my whole health journey but I’ll do my best to summarize it. I’ve been battling chronic illnesses/pain for as long as I can remember, seeing my first specialist at the age of 7. I have underwent 20 procedures under general anesthesia for endometriosis, ovarian cyst complications, ovarian torsion, appendicitis, removal of a rotting gallbladder, removal of stuck kidney stones, interstitial cystitis-among the 5-10% who have hunners lesions “ulcers”, + nerve blocks to treat pudendal neuralgia. I have also been diagnosed with the following conditions: Dysautonomia, POTS. IBS-C, IBD-ulcerative colitis, Pernicious Anemia, Food Sensitivities, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, & Candidiasis. I have been told by my medical team that I have other conditions but I have asked them not to share with me the names unless there are cures or treatments/therapies which could make a difference that I’m not already doing. I personally believe all these conditions are all interrelated, which is why I use integrative medicine of different therapies, diet/lifestyle changes to help manage & treat these as one collective unit.

There have been times in my life where I have been completely disabled & needed caregiving by my parents. In my darkest moments due to the severity of pain/sickness I did attempt suicide, which I’m beyond thankful to be here today. I share this to emphasize how awful chronic diseases/pain are & to others fighting know you’re are not alone & please don’t give up for your life matters.

Thank you to my community of advocates who provide me so much love & support, I’m beyond thankful for you! Massive love & gratitude! KICK CHRONIC ASS!! xxx.

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    Dear Mother Earth,

    Thank you for giving us all that is life. By us I do not mean only humans but the birth of all living creatures be it the ones who live on land, in the water, or the sky. To the smallest of microorganisms to the largest animal or mighty tree, all having a significant purpose & create balance. All of us your children.

    I’m sorry your children of humans have become forgetful of this connection, have forgotten the need to harmonize with all our brothers & sisters in the creation of forms different than ourselves, have forgotten you yourself with your unconditional, unwavering love & support. By forgetting you, we have forgotten all, even ourselves.

    I myself admittedly will forget too or I will think “but I’m just one person, can I really make a difference?” The truth is that is the domino effect for so many of us. But if we are all do our part, no matter how big or small, within that collective work we can make a difference together.

    None of us are small. No actions are truly small for they all make an impact on the lives of us all - again I include all forms of life, all of your children.

    My beautiful Mother Earth you are not just the environment or land we can use at our own species pleasure. Nor are you only outside our bodies. As my parents, grandparents, & all generations of my ancestry from what is the beginning is inside me. You are inside me. Inside us all. You created my very being & live in my consciousness. With each breathe we are connected.

    You are a selfless, protecting, a non discriminatory mother of all your children.

    You give us life. You are our creator, our mother, our home. Why do we forget? Why do I forget? How can we forget, how can I forget, when your presence is all around us. With each drink of water or bite of food, that is you. With each breath I am alive & that is you. You are me.

    I will do better for you & for my brothers & sisters. I will do my best to stay awake for you & to not shut my eyes, to lose the presence that my actions can make a difference.

    I do believe in my heart that if we cultivated this awareness of love & compassion to live by your example, we can save you.


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      Love yourself,
      love yourself as you are,

      grow where you need grow,
      do things that not only surprise others but also surprise yourself

      fuck worrying what others think,
      fuck others perceptions & judgments,
      fuck your own judgements towards yourself,
      fuck shaming yourself,
      fuck all that

      live your life as each moment could be your last,
      live it with self love,
      live it with confidence,
      live it knowing how worthy you are,
      live it being authentically you

      We all have parts of ourselves or times when we are terribly self critical, where the love for ourself is weak due to inflictions cast from others or from our own Self judgments.

      I’m currently going through a personal shift at the moment of cultivating more self love, worth, & confidence again.

      I’ve delved into deeply on what others think about me, their perceptions & judgments around me. I also find myself looking in the mirror where old & new forms of criticisms I place on myself.

      My friends & family wrap their souls around me with words of love & support but my own soul must feel the same love & support for itself.

      I’ve been body shaming again. I have been mentally & emotionally punishing myself for past mistakes. I have been feeling like a burden due to the continual fight with my chronic diseases. I have felt I could explode or crumble.

      After taking moments with myself, reflecting on my thinking & feelings along with the words my loved ones have been saying to me, I realized it’s time for me to become reconnected with my Self.

      I’m starting today of doing more of what I love & what makes my soul truly happy.

      I’m going sit with my body & really listen, making the changes I need to make - practicing love for my body, for my body is not the enemy - the diseases are.

      I’m going to raise my middle fingers & say fuck you to those who I have felt hurt by along with the part of myself who hurts me. I’m then going to forgive them & me. Letting that shit go & moving forward - free.

      Honing in the urban word: unfuckwithable “when you’re truly at peace & in touch with yourself & nothing anyone says or does bother you & no negativity or drama can touch you.”

      Be unfuckwithable 🤟🏼🔥💯

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